Do you know what is an incubator?

If by listening or reading the word incubator the first thing that comes to your mind is the image of a baby inside it, the time has come to expand your mind. It is logical that the aforementioned happens a few lines, but the incubators are essential equipment in the medical laboratories, clinics and hospitals, where various tests are carried out daily to find out the patients’ health status. When looking for its meaning, we find that the word incubator comes from the Latin “incubare” whose literal translation is “to brood”. That is why we find machines that maintain a favorable environment for the growth of organisms, whether they are microscopic or larger such as plants and animals. If we expand the use that can be given to the incubator biological we will find:


Incubation of bacteriological cultures

Incubation of viral cultures

Incubation of mycological cultures

Incubation of cell cultures


When working with this variety of activities, incubators can range from -10 ° C to 75 ° C, even higher temperatures. If you are going to buy an incubator, consider the use that you will give the equipment, so you can acquire the model that best suits your needs. Also knowing the opinion of other buyers is useful when purchasing a product. So take full advantage of the options offered by the internet.